1.Explain:Put into your own words

2.Context:Give the meaning of the word or phrase
Specify items of context that give clues to the meaning
Say how these items help you work out the meaning

3.Summary:Identify the main point (using topic sentences of passage)
Identify the unifying factor
(the topic sentence of your summary)
Write the points in a paragraph of your own sentences

4.Structure of passage/link:
Say what has gone before
Say what comes after

Specify the technique that links them

5.Comment on/show how an idea is highlighted:
Specify the feature
(word choice, technique, sentence structure)
Identify how it relates to meaning
Say how it helps bring out the idea

6.Show how a feature is developed:
Specify other/related examples of feature
(wdchoice, technique, s/s)
Say how these help strengthen/change the effect

7.Comment on the tone of:
Identify the tone (the way it might be said)
Specify how the tone is gained
(wdchoice, technique, s/s)
Say how the tone affects what is being said

8.Specific Evaluation: how well a particular aspect of
CONTENT, STRUCTURE, SYLE fits in with the purpose, structure or style of the rest of the passage.

9. General Evaluation: how well does the passage achieve its purpose??: focus on those aspects of
CONTENT, STRUCTURE, STYLE which you feel enhance or detract from the purpose.

10.Comparison of two passages
(Exam only): focus on similar and contrasting aspects of
CONTENT, STRUCTURE, STYLEandhow well they are successful in achieving the purposes of each passage.

In all evaluations:

  • Make points first
  • Back up points with specific references to content, structure, style
  • Comment on how well the specifics are used in relation to the focus of the question.